This type of conveyors are mainly used for discharge of metal parts from press machines. It is very similar to the belt system used in hinged belt conveyors. The biggest difference is that the parts that come out of the presses are very thin from time to time and scrap have a structure that prevents them from entering in between belt links. In this way, all kinds of large and small parts can be discharged without any problems. As in other conveyors, it can be produced in desired dimensions. Accessories such as pumps, switches, level controllers, brush system or oil skimmers on the conveyor can be added according to the customer’s demand or need.

Conveyor belt structure, fully Sarigol Conveyor special belt design, is designed and developed to prevent jam of fine scraps of different geometries.

Specially configured side plates minimize gaps by preventing the passage of parts from the side surfaces.Easier interventions are facilitated by the detachable belt sections placed at regular intervals, simplifying maintenance and service requirements.
It is possible to produce at certain angles (30 o – 45 o – 60 o) allowed by the design.

We can produce bigger pitches per to customer’s demand besides our standard production of 63.5mm pitch.