This is used for seperation of liquid from chips which come out from processing center. Coolant liquid is filtered after it is seperated from chip, and pumped back to the system. Thus, coolant recovery is provided. Humidity rate of chips is reduced below %3 percent after centrifuge process. Also, this rate may vary depending on climate conditions and environment temperature, but tested rate is %3 percent and below under normal conditions. Capacity of the centrifuge also may vary depending on the material.

Minimum capacity for for steel chips is 300 kg/h, maximum is 5,000 kg/h but this may vary for other typs of materials.We have 4 models of centrifuges that depends on capacities. Chips should be broken (not exceed 20-30mm) before it is centrifuged. Centrifuge operating prinsciple is as follows: chips are drop into conical bowel, that is spinning with 1400 rpm, in the centrifuge. During this process, liquid is filtered by means of special sieve system located around interior reservoir, and transmitted to the tank through liquid outlet and dried chips are thrown out from chips outlet by means of spinning power of the centrifuge.

Centrifuge allows the chip to become more valuable when it is dried and allows to reuse of the recovered oil. On the other hand, seperation of the chip and oil from each other makes the scrap chips out of the scope of toxic waste. Basicly two centrifuges we produces, horizontal and vertical swarf centrifuges.